Dr. Paul Grussenmeyer, DMD

“I have known Dr. Nelson Marquina and used lasers from his USA Laser Biotech company for many years.”

“I teach laser seminars for another company, and therefore have to know about most brands and types of lasers.  USA Laser’s products are the hardest working and most functional of the therapeutic lasers for treating every part of the human body (yes, you can treat pets too), while being bargain priced for their abilities.  I use a USA Laser floor model, countertop model, and handheld models to treat everything from superficial areas to deep organs.”

“Treatment results have been magical for family, friends, and patients over the years.  I have come to expect these daily results as “normal response”, and accomplish healing without pain, drugs, or surgery in every aspect of my own life and my dental/medical practice.”

Paul G. Grussenmeyer, DMD

Dr. George Bakalis, DC

“I have attended several of Dr Marquina’s stellar seminars on the scientific basis of and proper clinical usage of low level laser therapy. The knowledge I obtained allowed me to make informed decisions regarding the integration of low level laser therapy in my practice.”

“Studies have shown that spinal manipulation and low level laser are more effective together than either separately. I have discovered this to be the case in the majority of my treatment plans and protocols. The clinical efficacy of a typical patient in my office has been between 80-90%.”

“Furthermore, I am able to better manage more difficult clinical cases, particularly sports injuries and extremity issues in my office through the use of laser in my treatment recommendations. Laser technology can even be used to enhance athletic performance.”


Dr George N. Bakalis, DC

Dr. Michael W. Mathesie, DC, DACRB, DABFP

“I purchased my first laser from USA Laser Biotech, around 2006.  I have purchased three additional lasers from them since that time.”

“The results are consistent in that neuromusculoskeletal conditions respond faster with the use of laser therapy than without it.  Patients are willing to pay for treatment knowing they will heal at a faster rate.  The use of laser therapy has given me the ability to feel even more confident in my clinical skills and the expected results.  Every chiropractor, physical therapist, acupuncturist, and other manual therapist should have a laser available for treating their patient’s pain and injuries.  It is a tool that pays for itself many times over.”

Michael W. Mathesie, DC, DACRB, DABFP

Dr. Joseph Tregaskes, DMD, MS

“…my practice is, at this time, equally divided between prosthodontics and craniofacial pain disorders.”

“I purchased my first Lumix in 2007 and in the ensuing time period, have found it very useful in both disciplines. The accelerated tissue healing response is phenomenal, especially notable following extractions and implant surgery. We have also had significant results using it in the treatment of inflammatory disorders, neuralgias, tendon and ligament injuries, as well as myofascial pain.”

Joseph N. Tregaskes DMD, MS