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Who We Are

USA Laser was founded in 1999 by clinicians and engineers in response to deficiencies in existing laser products. Since its inception, USA Laser has created value in the medical, healthcare, and dental communities through consistent improvement in cost and technical performance of our lasers.

We are a company run by clinicians for clinicians.

What We're About

Our mission at USA Laser Biotech Inc. is to be a leader in developing solutions to current medical and dental problems using mature and emergent laser technologies.

Our goal is to consistently seek unique and high performing lasers that continue to push the boundaries of price, performance and value.

What Guides Us

High Value to Customers  –  Our high performing lasers offer superior functionality that delivers high value to our customers.

Technical Excellence  –  Technical excellence is built into our products at every step of the design and development process.  The focus on technical excellence ensures that our lasers deliver optimal performance in all clinical applications.

Clinical Partnerships  –  We partner with diverse clinicians and clinical research centers that share the goal of delivering the best possible patient outcomes. These clinical partnerships dynamically expand our laser therapy knowledge base.

Research and Education  –  We are committed to enhancing the knowledge available on laser therapy. Since the inception of the company, we have been involved in research studies and with research leaders worldwide to better understand the impact of laser therapy.