More Profound Effects … In Less Time

USA Laser Biotech leverages advanced laser technology to maximize the therapeutic capabilities of its lasers, achieving more profound effects in less time. Our lasers offer ease of use, high performance, and the best possible value in the healthcare community.

Advanced laser therapy pushes the boundaries of biology, physics and technology. From inception, USA Laser has specifically focused on the convergence and integration of laser technologies that generate effective, deep-penetrating photo-biostimulation to achieve pain relief, reduction of inflammation and accelerated tissue healing.

Clinically tested, scientifically sound treatment guidelines and support

The clinical and technical leadership that defines USA Laser Biotech is unparalleled in the industry. Dr. Nelson Marquina, PhD, DC is recognized as a world authority in the clinical application of therapeutic lasers. Thought leaders and expert clinicians in chiropractic, physical medicine, dentistry, and podiatry comprise the advisory group that contributes to the treatment guidelines provided to our laser users. Additional clinical support is provided in classroom training, webinars, videos, downloads, and email/telephone support.

Dr. Marquina personally delivers many of the training programs; other training instructors are chosen for their clinical expertise and clinical experience with our lasers, as well as their ability to effectively communicate their expertise.

Our goal is to provide you with the laser knowledge and experience that increases your ability to evoke the healing response in your patients.

Your Investment Is Protected

With lasers from USA Laser, your investment is protected. Engineering and medical requirements are synchronized to produce equipment designed to perform reliably for many years. We excel in providing clinical support to maximize your office applications and treatment outcomes.

A two-year warranty is standard with every laser. Our distributors and sales representatives are trained to get you started successfully with using the laser. As you expand your applications, extensive in-service and advanced clinical support are available from our clinician teams.

Our mission at USA Laser Biotech Inc. is to be a leader in developing solutions to current medical and dental problems using mature and emergent laser technologies. Our goal is to consistently design and build unique and high performing lasers that continue to push the boundaries of price, performance and value.

Our innovative lasers are designed with the busy clinician in mind, to facilitate the growth of your practice while promoting better patient outcomes.